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10 Green New Year's Resolutions

Green ResolutionsThe year end is a good opportunity to think about new ways to go green.  Whether you've been a greenie for a long time, a green newbie, or if you're somewhere in between, it's the perfect time to make some green resolutions for 2015.  

Here are some ideas for green resolutions.  I see them as small, attainable goals that can help the environment if everyone does their part. Here's to a Keener and Greener 2015!

1.  Remember to bring my reusable shopping bags everywhere.  I now remember to bring them to the grocery store almost each time, but frequently I forget when clothes shopping, going to the pharmacy, etc.  

2.  Bringing a reusable coffee cup is a great resolution but I challenge you take it a step further and bring your own reusable food containers to restaurants in case you need a doggie bag.  

3.  If you work outside of the home, pick one day a week to walk, bike, take public transit, or carpool.

4.  Garden.  Start one in your backyard, your balcony, join a community garden, or garden indoors.   Start with a list of gardening tips for beginners.  

5.  Start composting!  It's super easy - even for composting novices.  Some municipalities have composting programs, so if you don't have room to compost in your home, check that out.  

6.  Be mindful of your thermostat.  Have it automatically lower at night in the wintertime and turn it down before your leave the house.  When you're home and awake, lower your thermostat by just one degree.  A one degree decrease in temperature can decrease your heating costs by up to 10%, according to Energy Australia.  

7.  Pack your lunch for work and pack your kids' lunches for school instead of buying lunch.  Pack a completely waste-free lunch using Thermoses, sandwich containers, and cloth snack baggies.  

8.  Commit to Meatless Mondays or a more flexitarian diet.  

9.  Cook at home and from scratch as much as possible.  In today's busy society, it's easy to want to grab take-out or defrost something from the freezer.  But, even organic options are often wrapped in plastic or come in unrecyclable microwavable trays.  If weeknights are busy for you, plan ahead and freeze stuff over the weekends.

10.  Make your own cleaning materials.  I recommend The Joy of Green Cleaning to anyone interested in making their own cleansers.  

What are your resolutions?