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10 Ways to Green Your Vacation

With 4th of July and beautiful summer weather in front of us, we are all busily filling our calendars with summer vacations! Here are a few tips for remaining environmentally-focused while on vacation.

Green Your Vacation

1. Stay Closer to Home: It's always nice to go some place far away and exotic, but a local vacation (within 100 miles) can be equally as fun and can really help to decrease your carbon trail.  All of those museums, amusement parks, and attractions you always say "Ill go there one day" can finally be crossed off your list.

2. Take the time to Find a Green Hotel: This may sound hard, but is really as easy as clicking here and checking out this great data base of eco-friendly hotels

3. Remember to Buy Local Souveneirs: Most souveneir shops are filled with plasticky junk that was imported from China with the name of the tourist destination written on.  Do your best to purchase items that haven't been flown half way around the world.

4. Take a Train: I know, such a simple one, but something we tend to overlook.  Bring your bikes along, that way you can get around once you reach your destination.  I am looking forward to seeing some of these high-speed rails I was hearing all about when Congress passed the stimulus plan a few months back.

5. Slow it Down: Reduce your driving speed from 70 mph to 55 - I know, you'll be passed by all the grandma's on the highway, but doing so can increase your fuel efficiency by 23%!!

6. Purchase Carbon Offsets: Carbon offset purchases are donations to green organizations and causes.  Your donation amount should offset the eco-damage caused by that long flight to Brazil (...or Hawaii, or Spain, or wherever you may be fortunate enought to go). Check out

7. Be Aware: Just being aware of the carbon impact of our vacations helps us to make better decisions.  This carbon calculator can help you determine the damage done by your trip.

8. Go Camping: Camping is a great way to get in touch with the outdoors and remember why you became interested in preserving our environment in the first place!  Better yet, the amount of water and energy you use on a camping trip is significantly less than you would at home, let alone on a hotel vacation.  If you like the idea of a nice shower and bed, think about camping for part of your trip and hotel-ing the rest.

Go Camping

9. While your gone, Don't Waste Resources at Home: Turn down your thermostat, unplug all uncecessary electronics, and make sure you don't leave the toilet running.  Leave you pets at a kennel or friends house instead of having someone check up on them at your house.

10. ... And always Use Common Sense: It's easy to become wasteful when on vacation - remember to bring reusable water bottles and bags for any purchases.  It may be inconvenient to carry around your trash, but please hang on to it until you find a recycle or compost bin.  Ask your hotel not to clean your linens daily.  Anything you would do at home to conserve, do on your trip.



sound advice. will try to be

sound advice. will try to be good on my next trip to Maderia

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