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1BOG: Collective Sun Power

Earth2Tech just did a great review of a surprisingly simple, but original initiative surrounding solar installation. The initiative is called 1BOG and hopes to use the power of community bargaining to bring down the price of residential solar. This initiative, cooked in that communal hot bed of San Francisco, is taking collective bargaining from the union hall to a neighbor near you.

1BOG Collective Solar Power

Here is the simple idea; if a group of consumers demands lower prices then solar installers must meet these demands or possibly lose an entire area to a competitor. Great thinking, no? So whom does the bargaining? Member of 1BOG, or as known in long form 1 Block off the Grid.

The project had been able to collectively bargain for 230 individuals, nearing total 1 megawatt of power. Currently, the project is only active in California but hopes to expand into Arizona and Texas. I wish the initiative the best of look and hope this collective approach to green technology takes off in multiple sectors in the future.