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5 Apps to Help People Live Green

green appsWho’s says it’s not easy being green? Being eco-friendly in today’s digital world is as simple as downloading a few apps on a cell phone, iPod or tablet. Users can learn how to become sustainable, recycle household products and understand the different types of products that are safe for the environment. Users may even put some green in their pockets by doing so as well. The following apps are meant to help every day people manage their own earth-friendly lives.

 1.     iRecycle

Reduce, reuse and recycle has been a catch phrase for environmentalists for years! With iRecycle, users plug into various local recycling opportunities with access to millions of ways to recycle. They also can find out the latest in green news and ideas to fit you and your family’s lifestyles. 

iRecycle is available from iTunes and Google Play. 

2. Green Outlet

A great way to control your budget is by reducing your electric usage, which in turn is a helps the environment. Green Outlet helps users identify which household appliances are emptying their pockets, offering ways to cut down on electricity usage. Green Outlet even alert users when they have exceeded the U.S. Government’s “Recommended Carbon Usage.” 

Download Green Outlet for an iPhone, iPad or iPod from iTunes. 

3. EcoChallenge

This app helps users find ways to achieve balance in the world’s fragile environment while protecting future generations. EcoChallenge is a great companion for those living a sustainable lifestyle. It challenges users to be more energy efficient, shop wiser and discover that small changes can go a long way. EcoChallenge also provides weekly updates and ideas about living sustainable. 

The EcoChallenge app is available for download from iTunes. 

4. GoodGuide

Finding the safest, healthiest, and most ethical green products should be a priority by all who maintain sustainable or green lifestyles. GoodGuide can help do just that. The team of scientists, nutritionists and lifecycle analysts behind this popular app rate a variety of products, giving users the chance to evaluate and compare different green products on the market. The app features a barcode scanner so consumers can instantly scan and retrieve information about a specific product. 

GoodGuide’s mobile app can be found on iTunes and Google Play. 

5. Pollution

Living a green lifestyle includes reducing air pollution. This Apple app informs users about local electromagnetic, air and water pollution sources, as well as pollution and emissions in the soil. Receive real air quality reports from almost 1,400 cities worldwide, and view interactive maps that visualize various pollution sources. This app is information-only. It is not intended to provide health effects reports for real-time situations. 

Download Pollution from iTunes. 

These Android and Apple apps are great additions to those who want to maintain more environmentally friendly lifestyles. By using cell phones or tablets, users can have recycling, air quality, and eco-friendly product information at their fingertips. 


Author Bio: Jessica Oaks is a freelance journalist who loves covering technology news and the ways that technology can make life easier. Follow her on Twitter @TechyJessy.