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5 Tips for Getting a Job in Green Advocacy

Today we have a blog post by Michael Long, Director of about tips for getting a job in green advocacy.  Thanks for a great blog post, Michael!  
1. Learn Business Software - Before you can get your donor list engaged in your cause, you need to be able to create and manage a donor list.  I’ve interviewed executive directors and program managers at many great non-profits, and while passion is important, the hard skills are more often the best inroad into green advocacy.  Advocacy groups have to deal with donor lists, volunteer lists, mailing lists, financial documents, filings and marketing outreach. The nuts and bolts of most organization are going to be the word processing, spreadsheets and databases. A “certifications for basic office software” (word processing, spreadsheets, Microsoft Office) can be a huge advantage when applying for a position in an environmental advocacy organization.
2. Learn Online Promotion - Facebook pages and “tweets” are quickly becoming the most popular outreach mechanism for green and environmental advocacy organization. While it is not difficult to find a college student with hundreds of Facebook friends, it is much more of a challenge to use Facebook to get donors and the public engaged in a good cause. Learning the ends and outs of professional social media outreach is vital to building a base for change. A great way to do this is by building your own advocacy page or your own online green network. The employer will be impressed and your resume will go to the top immediately.

3. Learn to Speak and Present - Getting the public involved in good cause is often the result of making a good case. If you can speak eloquently and present facts in a polished, knowledgeable manor then you will have a bright future in advocacy. The business interests that you are going to be competing with will have money, public relations, advertising, and marketing professionals that are trained in the art of public relations. Be prepared, understand how to speak, and know how to reach out to people outside your cause. Understanding presentation is also very important. College’s often have speaking or debate clubs that can help develop these skills.
4. Volunteer - The manpower of many green advocacy organizations is volunteering. If you want to be a green advocate then don’t wait until you get the job to start the job. Volunteering is a great way to learn, network, and create change at the same time. “Becoming the Change that you Seek” - Gandhi’s famous quote. is not only great advice for being a good human being it is also great advice for getting into a good green advocacy job.