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5 Ways to Travel Greener

Traveling the world is a passion that most have and few are lucky to actually get to experience. Traveling is a wonderful way to learn and see new things but it can’t always be good for the environment. There are some tricks and tips that you can do to lower your negative impact when traveling:

Transportation: Trains, planes and cars all emit carbon and you pretty much can’t get around that. However, you can lessen your carbon footprint by making a few tweaks and changes while traveling. Opt for flights that are non-stop because they use less fuel and fill ups at these stops. If it’s a road trip and you are driving, take a smaller car and carpool.

Digital: Everything is done online for the most part so when buying tickets and booking activities and what not, opt to have everything emailed and not printed. Also when needing travel maps and books download on your smartphone. Once you have arrived to your dictation you can also take photos of maps and what not to zoom in and use for later.

Eco Friendly destinations: There are plenty of places around that world that cater to those who want to travel greener. Consider visiting national parks or countries that are eco-friendly. There are many different locations that have hotels that also strive to be greener by going paperless, cloth napkins, energy efficient lights and air controlled rooms etc. All you have to do is search for eco-friendly trips.

Eat local: Once you have arrived to your location, eat locally and avoid repacked foods and chain restaurants. Smaller restaurants and shops tend to buy from local farmers and markets. Visit a farmers market and find food to prepare yourself. Eating locally not only is best for the environment but will give you an authentic insight in to which how this area lives.

Recycle and reuse: When traveling avoid taking plastic bottles for toiletries and bring reusable water bottles with you. These plastic bottles you bring, you will take home with you, creating less trash for the hotel and other sites to throw away nice you leave. 

Traveling greener just got easier! Plan ahead and prepare for any obstacles you may run into by keeping this list close. Remember to go digital, bring your own things, eat locally and pay attention to the form of transportation you take. Make a conscience effort, have safe and green travels!

Author Bio:

Amanda Carlson, a blogger as well as a former newborn care nurse contributed this post. To stay connected to her previous career and share the knowledge she gained, she began writing for You can reach her at amanda.newborncare @