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Activist Profile: Michal Lenchner

Michal Lenchner

Michal Lenchner is an activist in Menlo Park, CA.  Michal Lenchner is a writer and business consultant who passion is in education of the public on environmental issues and green careers.  Ms. Lenchner & her husband Avi Lenchner founded Avi Green Now, which promotes Green awareness through a series of eco-presentations.

Michal Lechner's is a woman with immense experience in the business sector.  Ms. Lechner has worked in several industries, from corporate to start-ups, in the San Francisco Bay area. Prior to that, Michal worked in high-tech, leading and implementing sales and marketing Internet systems.  Ms. Lenchner is a writer with credits in numerous publications and online magazines.  Currently, she is a writer for the Examiner whose focus is Green Careers.  Some of her works include "Building and home efficiency careers - why they matter" and "Green career opportunities in San Francisco."

Ms. Lenchner is involved in numerous organizations concerning the environment and also founded the group Avi Green Now.  The goal of the group is to educate, provide practical information to individuals and families, and encourage people to make informed Green choices. They focus on health and the planet.  Avi Green Now has done multiple events and is a featured speaker at this years New Mom Fair in October.  Through her tireless efforts she hopes to begin global change by making local differences in the community.

To contact Ms. Lenchner, please email her at [email protected].