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Ahhhh... Attack of the Giant Sea Oyster

No, this is not the line from some cheesy 1950's Godzilla movie (though I wished it was) but is my first thought when I heard of the Oyster.  Oyster is a hydro-electric Wave Energy Converter, designed to convert renewable energy harnessed from ocean waves into usable electricity.  The device is created by Aquamarine, a Scotland based company.

Giant Oyster Wave Machine

This huge device consists of an Oscillator fitted with pistons and fixed to the sea bed. Each passing wave activates the Oscillator, pumping high pressure water through a sub-sea pipeline to the shore. Onshore, conventional hydro-electric generators convert this high-pressure water into electrical power. A commercial farm of just ten devices could provide clean renewable energy to a town of 3,000 homes.

This exciting technology does not try to reinvent the wheel, as many new hydro power technologies are, and pull energy from the waves themselves.  No, it relies on conventional generators and pressure created by waves.  This back to basic approach seems to be a safer bet and is getting all the right attention.

Aquamarine, Wave Power

The Oyster won the "Innovator of 2009" award from Britain's Renewable Energy Association in June.  By July 15 Aquamarine was awarded 60 million pounds (over $101 million) to further develop its device by the U.K.'s Department of Energy and Climate Change .

The trial installation will take place at European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) by Fugro Seacore in the waters of the Orkney Islands.  Here is hoping the best for this brilliant piece of tech with the movie monster name (and appearance.)