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All Electric Mercedes Benz Supercar

What kind of car has 526 horsepower, 649 pound-feet of torque and can go 0 to 60 in four seconds?  Why an all electric one, silly.  Yes, Mercedes Benz plans to create a Gullwing Super Car that provides zero-emssions.

Mercedes Benz Supercar

This magnificent luxury car is powered through a 400-volt liquid cooled, high-voltage lithium-ion battery pack delivering 40 Ah of current. The packs will run down the center of the chassis of this muscular luxury car and will be charged via an electrical outlet and also through regenerative braking.

It is interesting that Mercedes Benz chose this model to introduce an electrical vehicle in and I believe is indicative of the maturing of the all electric market.  Originally, electric vehicles were made in small, less powerful models that would appeal primarily to "green" consumers or urban hipsters.  This new entry in the sports luxury market shows that the attractiveness of electric is spreading while the technology can now support such high engine requirements.  I should would love to get behind the wheel of this car.