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And the Goldman Goes Too....

This week in San Francisco Richard and Rhoda Goldman Foundation announced seven winners of the annual Goldman award. The prize, founded by Richard and Rhoda Goldman, awards community activist in the environmental field.  These activist must seek to curb corporate interests in the betterment of local people's environment.  The award is given generally to six recipients from each of the six inhabited continents.

The Goldman award is the biggest environmental award in the world.  It awards each recipient $150,000 to do what they wish with.  The awards are handed out at a invitation only, gala event.  This past award ceremony took place on April 22 at the San Francisco Opera House.  The keynote address was delivered by former Vice-President Al Gore, who spoke of 2009 as the "environmental Gettysburg."

“This group of Goldman Prize recipients are as impressive as ever, taking on seemingly insurmountable struggles and achieving success,” said Goldman Prize founder Richard N. Goldman. “In this, our 20th year, we are pleased to bring attention to their courageous work.”

In honor of these recipients and the good work they have done, KeenforGreen will present a daily write up of each of the winners.  So please click back, to find out about these amazing individuals.