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Art made with Recycled Materials

Last weekend, we went to the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston.   (A very green zoo, btw, from their conservation efforts to many of the recycled items in their gift shops)  Before you enter, there were some animal sculptures (pictured left) made of used containers from the nearby Sam Adams Brewery.  

I thought it was an excellent and unique way of reusing something that would have otherwise been thrown away.  It made me think of the "reduce, reuse, and recycle" adage, and how people are often good about recycling these days, but forget about reducing and reusing.   And what better way to reuse something than to turn it into a cool piece of artwork?

Doing some Googling found me lots of fun resources and websites about artwork featuring recycled materials...

Next time you have something kind of cool that you're about to throw out, think about getting in touch with your creative side!  Or, offer them to someone artsy that you know.