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Australia Supports Clean Coal and Solar Power

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The Australian government recently passed an economic stimulus package similar to the one in the United States.  This package consists of $3.5 billion over nine years for clean energy demonstration projects and the establishment of a national renewable energy research body. There are two big winners in this legislation that will recieve nearly all the funding; clean coal and solar power.

Clean coal is slated to recieve $2 billion in additional funding for projects proving economic viability.  These projects will go through a tender competitive process and may use one third government funding for the total project cost.  To an average American this may seem a large amount for such an unproven theory, but Australia has a vested interest.  Australia's coal mining industry is a vital part of the countries GDP, making up to 5% of the whole, and one of the largest in the areas.

Solar also is getting a substantial amount of the surplus.  In total $1.35 billion is expected to fund four giant solar projects, using solar thermal or solar photovoltaic technologies.  There is also $100 million in funding for mor research in the solar field and $270 million in rebates for solar installation in homes.  This is a logical step espescially for a country with such large solar reserves.




Sounds good...

Now let's see how things progress as funds get dispersed.... And this also raises controversy over the efficacy of clean coal technology.

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