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Being Environment-Friendly While Staying Healthy

Getting fit is perhaps one of the best things you could give to yourself.  After all the time and effort you specially dedicate to your workouts, nothing feels more reassuring than knowing that you are in good health. Nonetheless, as we aim for our desired physical build, it would also be great if we could simultaneously do this while protecting the environment. To stay fit while being eco-friendly, here are some easy tips to remember.

Avoid plastics

Whether you are on the treadmill at the gym or going for a run in the park, getting constantly hydrated is very important. It’s therefore understandable that you bring a bottle of water wherever you go. However, the bottles you use everyday will accumulate and add up to the rising devastation to our environment. Be wise enough to choose reusable bottles over disposable ones. You’ll be glad to know that aside from helping nature, using reusable bottles are more efficient because of its capacity. Also, whenever you can, opt for water instead of electrolyte replacements as they are normally packaged in plastic containers. 


Dispose equipment responsibly

Dumbbells, weights, yoga mats, and medicine balls may come handy when working out. But as soon as they wear out, it’s easily tempting to just throw them away. Dispose your fitness equipment properly. If you have grown tired of your existing one, try to sell it instead of just throwing it away. Also, if you do sports to stay fit and may have uniforms, try to recycle them. It’s not necessary to have a new set sewn each time a season opens. If it’s still comfortable to wear, take advantage of it. Or if you really won’t be needing it anymore, pass on your uniform to someone else and just have the personalized details updated. 


Enjoy the outdoors

The easiest thing you can do to stay fit while helping Mother Earth is making use of what it has to offer: the outdoors. Walk, run, jog, swim, bike! These are great cardiovascular exercises to keep your heart healthy. If you are however heading to the gym, start sweating out by jogging to your destination. Go on a carpool if you are going for a group game date at a non-walking distant venue. This way, you lessen your carbon footprint while actually saving money on gas. 


Participate in marathons with a cause

Occasionally you can find organized marathons that aim to raise fund for eco-friendly projects. If you want to stay fit, participating in one is a great way to do it. It’s fun, challenging, and with a purpose. Make sure to enlist your name the next time you come across fun runs that save the trees!


Patronize Organic Supplements 

Sweating out could mean losing essential nutrients in your body. You have to replenish them with the help of vitamins or dietary supplements. Choose dietary supplements that are organic. Brands like YOR Health offer this kind of health products. If you are looking for a fiber supplement, opt for ones that make use of pure, natural and organic fibers with organic flaxseed and Omega-3. Avoid chemically produced supplements as manufacturing them may cause more damage to the environment.