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Being Greener Can Help Your Business's Reputation

Word of mouth is often the best method of advertising, and it depends solely on your business's reputation in your local community. If you're unsure of how your business is perceived, or want to improve your reputation with your customers and neighbors, consider sponsoring or instituting one or more green programs. 

Being greener is a great way to improve your reputation, and can help your business in the following ways: 

Green Initiatives Increase Employee Satisfaction 

Business owners know that often, their employees are their greatest asset. If employees are satisfied, they do their jobs well, they're more productive, and employee turnover is limited. 

Green initiatives can increase employee's pride in their workplace, leading them to speak well about their company. Recycling programs, workplace beautification programs, and implementation of employees' green ideas all show that the company is listening to employees and is interested in what they have to say. 

Green Businesses Attract Better Quality Job Candidates 

Well-educated, well-qualified candidates know that they have multiple potential employers from which to choose. If several jobs offer the same base salary and benefits, candidates will look to other features a business offers to help them make their decision. 

If your business has an internet reputation as a green business, you may have better luck attracting high quality candidates for open positions. The environment is becoming an important issue, especially for younger, more technologically savvy candidates. 

Green Business Practices Increase Customer Loyalty 

When customers are given the choice between a business that sponsors green initiatives and one that doesn't, they frequently choose the green business. Whether you're running a company-wide recycling program that includes customers or you’re encouraging your customers to bring their own reusable shopping bags, you're going to stand out in their minds. These business practices make customers happy and are likely to keep them coming back again and again. 

Green Business Models Increase Community Loyalty 

Green initiatives often help out the entire community. Recycling programs, energy reduction programs, and other green ideas can benefit everyone around you, not just your business and its customers. When you make the choice to initiate greener business practices, your community will notice and recognize the effort. 

When your business makes the jump toward greener practices such as energy conservation, carpooling, recycling, and more, your customers and neighbors will notice. Green initiatives are a wonderful way to help out the environment and improve your business's reputation at the same time. 


Sandi Lilly is a freelance writer with five years of on and offline experience. She has been published in B2B Magazine, The Main ARTery Magazine, and has written multiple articles for and She works from her home in West Virginia while homeschooling her two children. 

Image Credit: Flickr User Minivan Ninja