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Berkeley’s Solar Plan to Serve as a Model for Biden’s Plan

Solar PanelsSolar PanelsThe dilemma for the environmentally conscious consumer often comes down to dollars and cents.    That problem is particularly acute when it comes to solar systems where the investment in a solar panel system can cost on average of more than $20,000.   Yes, there is monthly savings but the payback period can be as long as 10 years.   That’s a tough pill to swallow, even for the most enthusiastic, green-eyed Prius owner, not to mention the average consumer who is just becoming aware of the global warming and energy crisis.

Enter the plan trialed in Berkeley, CA and followed up in several U.S. cities.  Homeowners pay zero upfront dollars.  The plan is financed by the government and paid off with a monthly tax surcharge over twenty years.  The energy savings offset the monthly tax bill.  This makes the upgrade a virtual freebie and may even improve the market value of the home.

Joe Biden is formulating a U.S. plan which will be modeled after the Berkeley plan.  This is great news and if implemented will be a great boost for the solar industry as well as our fight against global warming.  All things being close to equal (or at least close to equal), most consumer and homeowners will make the environmentally smart choice.   We just need to make it happen.  Make it so, Joe!

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