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Bidet vs. Hand Bidet Sprayer



There are many advantages of getting a hand bidet sprayer over the traditional bidet not the least of which is cost. Not only the cost of buying it which is substantial (for the full size bidet) but for the cost of installation also. With the hand bidet sprayer you don’t need a plumber to install it. Assuming you even have the space to fit one there are more additional compelling reasons not to.

For example stand alone bidets are simply not as effective at what they are supposed to achieve and that is cleaning your nether regions. The problem is two fold. One, they lack control as they are in a set position and mechanically controlled so you have less chance of getting to certain spots. Second the water pressure is considerably less so when cleaning your butt you may find that it has not really done the job. With the hand held sprayer you get complete control and better water flow which provides much better results.

Another often unthought-of aspect of the conventional bidet’s sprayer is that since the spray mechanism is mechanical and comes out underneath you there is the distinct possibility of residue falling on and staying on the sprayer from one use to the other, a most unpleasant thought. With the handheld sprayer not only does it NOT have to be directly beneath you (it more than likely will be held at a side angle since it’s in your hand) it is also extremely accessible for cleaning (it) and because of the greater water pressure and flow it tends to be more self-cleaning.

Then there is the maintenance aspect which I doubt many people want to try and figure out why the automated spray wand has stopped coming out on their conventional bidet whereas the potential problems with the hand sprayer are minimal and very easy to correct.

Finally there is the logistics in that most people only put a conventional bidet in their master bath whereas with the hand held bidet sprayer you can put them in all of the bathrooms so that everyone benefits. One reason for that is space, which usually only the master bath has enough room for the stand alone bidet. As you can see the hand held bathroom bidet sprayer is superior in every way to the conventional stand alone bidet, oh and I almost forgot…..who wants to get up and move from the toilet to another place to get clean anyways? That doesn’t seem like a very sanitary or efficient operation to me at all.