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Brooklyn, NY: Home to the World’s First Solar-Powered Sound Stage

Brooklyn's Broadway Stages now has the very first solar-powered sound stage in the WORLD!  Broadway Stages, a film, music video, and television studio, has produced such hits as HBO's Flight of the Conchords, the Meryl Streep movie It's Complicated, and more.  

Tony Argento, owner of Broadway Stages, said, "The solar panel installation is our contribution to improve our neighborhood and help offset our carbon footprint."

The rooftop solar panels will cut the facility's energy bills by over $70,000 yearly, and make enough power to prevent the burning of 75,000 gallons of diesel fuel (the equivalent of planting 90 acres of trees!!!)  Additionally, this creates 10 full-time jobs and more than 50 part-time jobs.

To build the facilities, Broadway Stages teamed up with Greenpoint Energy Partners.   These installations will cover 7 of Broadway Stages’ film and television production studios in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  Phase 1 is finished, which is the first solar powered sound stage.  The CBS show The Good Wife is currently filming on that sound stage. Phase 2 should be completed next year.  

The solar panels are not all that Brooklyn Stages is doing in terms of being green.  In addition to the solar panels, they also have Cool Roofs and awesome rooftop farms! Let's hope that more production studios follow suit.


Brooklyn love!

I'm seriously in love with Brooklyn! This is so fabulous!


-Sarah (@sarahberon)

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