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Can I Afford a Greener Home?

affording a greener homeWith all of life’s little distractions, most people do not have the time to think about “going green.”  Yet, you don’t necessarily have to make your home environmentally-friendly in one day.  You would be surprised how much of a difference little changes here and there could make. 

Conserving Water

One of the easiest ways to save money on bills and to be more efficient is to conserve water.  One change you can make throughout your home is investing in low flow shower and faucet heads.  They range from about $10 to $20 apiece and can save 25%-60% of your normal water usage.   This small investment could benefit your pockets within no time.


Believe it or not, appliances can make all the difference in your monthly utility bills.  Replacing each appliance in your house with an energy efficient one can save 10%-20% of energy use which amounts to hundreds of dollars per year.  So although these replacements might be costly upfront, it could be more than worth it in the long haul. 

Energy Efficient Mortgages

A lot of people have a mindset that they cannot possibly afford all the home modifications to make their homes greener.  If this is the case for you, consider looking into an energy efficient mortgage.  These types of mortgages allow the borrower to borrower more money than the amount a typical mortgage would to allow them to make energy efficient upgrades for their current or future home.   EEMs increase the amount a borrower is eligible for by extending the debt-to-income qualifying ratio.  Although your mortgage payments will be a bit higher, through lower energy costs, you will save money down the road. 

Low E-Windows

Now that you have considered an energy efficient mortgage, you can start looking into more options for your home.  Low E-Windows are used for insulation and are coated with layers of microscopic metallic oxide to keep heat away in the warmer climates and trap heat in cooler ones.  This will help lower the cost of your heating bill, although you might want to consider a solar heating system as well.

Solar Heating Systems

This type of heating system, located on the exterior of your house, uses solar energy to heat your home.   They replace or augment propane, oil, and all other more expensive ways to heat your home, making these systems much more cost-effective.  This will help you to save a significant amount of money in the winter months, along with reducing the amount of air pollution.

Just think about what you can do with all the money saved by creating a greener home for you and your family.  So now is a great time to start investing.  Not only will you benefit yourself and your loved ones, but you will be doing your part in helping maintain a strong environment. 


Brittney Marino is a writer for Total Mortgage Services.  For updates on today’s current Mortgage Rates, be sure to check our rates page.