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Captain Planet, He's Our Hero!

Who here remembers Captain Planet?  It was a cartoon that aired in the early 90s on TBS about a green-mulleted superhero out to save the planet.  I loved the Captain Planet theme song in particular ("Captain Planet, he's our hero, gonna take pollution down to zero!"), and I had a reusable lunch bag with Captain Planet on it. 

Get in touch with your inner 90s kid or grab your own kids and watch Captain Planet together...the episodes are now on the Mother Nature Network!  

Did you know that there's also a Captain Planet Foundation?  They offer grants, resources, projects for kids, games, and you can even become a "Planeteer!"  Check it out!   It's a really cute website and for an important cause.  

Are there any cartoons today with such a strong environmental message?  I do find that a lot of times PBS cartoons (like Curious George, for instance) often have a green message, but I haven't seen anything quite like Captain Planet.