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Car-Free Tuesday

car freeIn the spirit of Meatless Monday and Green Compromises, I propose Car-Free Tuesday.

In many parts of the country, it's hard to go completely car-free.  With underwhelming public transit choices in most of the country, it can be tricky for some not living in urban areas to ditch the car.  However, what about picking one day a week to leave your car in the driveway and figure out alternative ways to get to work?

According to Yahoo! Green:  The average American commute to work is about 12 miles, and a whopping 90% of us drive to work solo.

Let's look at some options to help you go car-free at least one day a week:

  • Carpool.  Find someone at work to carpool with or use a site like eRideShare to help you find a carpool buddy.    (And help THEM go car-free on another day of the week)
  • Public transportation.   Seek out buses, trains, and subways in your area and find the quickest way to get to work sans car.   Google Transit works great!  
  • Telecommute.   Talk to your boss about working from home once a week.  Telecommuting is green in many ways.
  • Compromise.  Maybe where you live it's impossible to go totally car-free.  But what about leaving your car at a park-and-ride, where you can drive a little of the way and take a train or bus for the rest?
  • Bike or walk.  Either bike or walk all the way to work if it's possible, or do so to get to the nearest bus stop or train station.