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Chevy Volt Gets 230 MPG

GM recently announced that the Chevy Volt, an electric sedan, expects to garner 230 miles per gallon under the EPA's fuel economy test for city streets.  For longer journeys the automobile expects to garner 50 to 60 mpgs.  A much greater fuel efficiency than current competitor the Toyota Prius.

Chevy Volt, 230 MPG



This is if you need gas at all.  The Chevy Volt will be the only vehicle to run on both electricity and gas.  A fully charged Volt can go 40 miles before using a single drop of gas.  At that time the car switches to a hybrid type engine to conserve gas usage.  This approach of combining two existing technologies until the newer, electricity, is standard seems to be a smart approach. In this way you can transition to all electric fleet in stages, much better for business, while still utilizing gas for longer trips.  Most Americans then will use the Volt primarily for work travel.  This would allow three out of four Americans to commute solely on electricity, while also allowing for much greater fuel efficiency for longer range outings.