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Coffee CSA: Review

coffee csaPreviously, I blogged about Coffee CSA.  More recently, my family has had the opportunity to try coffee from  And what a fantastic experience it has been!    We received a medium roast from farmer Mario Davalos Bustamante of Peru.  The whole bean coffee arrived fresh via USPS Priority Mail.  The coffee is delicious.  We have also served it to various houseguests and everyone has complimented us on what fine coffee we served.

How does Coffee CSA work? lets you sign up for coffee shares from coffee farmers. The organization is 100% owned and controlled by the farmers on their website.  

The coffee is all organic, fair trade certified, and everything you pay goes directly to the farmer! Plus, you don't have to remember to buy coffee each time you go to the grocery store...the coffee comes straight to you through the USPS!

They roast coffee daily in small batches at Thanksgiving Coffee Coompany in Fort Bragg, California. Once you join, your monthly share will ship every four weeks.  100% of the coffee we roast is certified organic and grown under shade-canopy by small farmers.  

Coffee CSA is a fantastic organization with stellar coffee.   Join Coffee CSA today!  It also makes a great gift for the coffee drinker in your life - they offer gift certificates!