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Confusion over US Cash for Clunkers Program

The United States is currently spearheading an effort to lower carbon emissions and boost the flailing auto industry with a government sponsored cash for clunkers program. The program, officially titled, Cars Allowance Rebate System, seeks to provide up to $4,500 towards a purchase of a new car if an older, less gas efficient model is taken off the street. Sounds simple, well as they say the devil is in the details.

US Cash for Clunkers Program The standards originally announced for the program have been changed. As Business Week reported, this altered whether 164 vehicles would be covered by the program. Of these 78 will no longer qualify while another 86 vehicles will. Confused? Well, don't feel alone.

Numerous car dealerships advertised and offered incentives based on the older parameters. These dealerships are now left high and dry with some old clunkers that simply won't qualify. The dealers are trying to persuade the new buyers to pay the amount of the rebate, $4,500, to cover costs. Good luck with that.

But don't grow anxious over not knowing if your car qualifies under this new standard, because we here at KeenForGreen believe in providing solutions. A cash for clunkers calculator is provided by with the new qualifications. Simply go there and you will know for sure if it might be time to turn in your old clunker for a more gas efficient model.