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Copenhagen: A Win or a Loss for Obama and the Environment?

I've been reading a lot of the criticism aimed at Obama in the wake of Copenhagen summit.   Just when it seemed that COP15 would end with no progress at all, Obama helped broker a non-binding agreement with clear targets.   But what good is a non-binding agreement anyway?   The reality is that a legally binding agreement as a prerequisite would have meant no agreement.   I am not a lawyer, but without congressional passage of the climate bills currently going through congress, what does legally binding mean anyway?  Getting the developing companies to agree, set goals and agree to transparently communicate actions is a big step forward and should actually help get Senate approval of the bill currently in Congress.

In the long term, I still believe solving the energy and climate crisis will be dependent on science and technology.   As long as fossil fuels are abundant and cheaper to burn than clean alternative energy sources - our crisis will continue to grow.  We must have a solution that makes economic sense.  Certainly governmental recognition of the issues and the policies and incentives that move us forward will be a big help. But , in my opinion. the ultimate solution will come from bottom up and the thousands of green-tech startups - not a gathering of nations in Copenhagen.