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Del Monte is Bananas -- B-A-N-A-N-A-S

I seriously thought this was a joke when it popped up on my Facebook feed:  Mother Nature Network posted that Del Monte planned to introduce individually wrapped bananas.  That's right -- bananas wrapped in plastic.

They're trying to spin it as eco-friendly because the plastic wrap supposedly keeps the bananas fresher for a long period of time.  Says Del Monte's Managing Director in the UK:   "Del Monte‚Äôs new CRT packaging is designed to provide significant carbon footprint savings by reducing the frequency of deliveries and the amount of waste going to landfill. The packaging is also recyclable."  

Even what they're naming it reeks of greenwashing, by sneaking the word natural into it --  "Natural Energy Snack on the Go."  

How does it work?  The bananas wrapped in this plastic when green and something Del Monte dubs as "Controlled Ripening Technology" in the bag will make the banana last for six extra days.  

The thing is, when a banana begins to go bad you can still make something like banana bread with it...and worse comes to worst, you can compost it.  The plastic wrap is a waste of resources, a waste of money (how much extra will people pay for these bananas?), and just more garbage.  Even if the plastic is recyclable, it's still PLASTIC.  Plus, plastic wrap is more of a nuisance to recycle because most cities won't accept it curbside.

Why on earth do bananas need to be wrapped in plastic?  Bananas come in their own, nifty, biodegradable wrapper!

Sadly, his isn't all in plastic-wrapped produce news.  QFC supermarkets are selling potatoes individually wrapped in plastic.  The horror.  The packages say that the potatoes are "microwave-ready"...because, you know, microwaving a potato on a reusable plate just ain't good enough!  

I can't imagine these ideas will stick around for too long, but at that point, there will likely be litter from these banana wrappers strewn outside or they'll be sitting in landfills.  Sigh.