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Demanding Greener Product Packaging

Recycling:  this is something that’s been on my mind a lot lately and it’s really bothering me.  

I recycle and I am pretty good about it,  but what really bothers me is that businesses are not so much into it.   Especially big business.   Oh, they say they are “green.”  Green is the new marketing buzzword, but when it comes down to it the majority of the companies are not!

If they were, we would not have so much plastic in our packaging to recycle.  There are other options, such as compostable materials  so we can just through it in our compost bin and it would turn into good stuff for our soil.   Glass is also better in terms of recycling.    Why not use bamboo or hemp packaging or something renewable to start off until we move to a totally different way of living, which I believe we are in the super duper early stages. 

For instance, I use natural/organic makeup but they all come in plastic tubs and bottles.  Really, really bothers me.  If I don’t go to the farmer's market, product also is frequently wrapped in plastic.  

If big corporations can put more money into composable packaging, it would save a lot of energy.  Not only for me at having to lug the recycling  bin out each week, but also in the energy that is needed to recycle the plastic.  

Think about that!!  How much energy goes in to recycling? From the truck (gas) to pick up  the stuff to electricity and water to break it down…

I am an optimist but we all need to wake up and demand changes. I think we all hope the other person will do something about or technology will take care.  We need to all demand that the companies we buy our product start changing their packaging.  I will start making a list of the products I use most and contact them to request that they move to greener packaging.  

Please join me.  Let’s start with baby steps…