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Drive More Efficiently

eco-friendly drivingDriving a fuel efficient car, such as a hybrid, is a step towards lowering your carbon footprint.  But you can take it even a step further by driving your car more efficiently.  You'll save money on gas and cut down on contributions to climate change.

Drive Smart

Aggressive driving, such as speeding, quick acceleration, sudden braking, can lower your gas mileage by 33% on the highway and by 5% in the city.  Don't speed, either.  Gas mileage starts to decrease at speeds above 50 MPH.  These tips will keep you safter, too!  

Cruise control is another way to help reduce gas usage.  

Pack Lightly

Hauling rooftop cargo causes wind resistance which can lower your fuel economy.  In fact, it can lower your fuel economy by as much as 25% on the highway!  Try to avoid having excess weight inside your car, too.  For instance, my musician husband shouldn't leave a heavy amp in the trunk - he should bring it in the house so it doesn't weigh the car down unnecessarily when we drive it in between gigs.  An extra 100 pounds in your car can reduce your MPG by up to 2%.  (It should be noted that this will also depend on the size of your vehicle and won't affect larger cars as much)

No Idling

Turn your car off when parked!  Idling can use up to quarter to a half gallon of fuel per hour.  That's a lot of gas to use if you're not going anywhere!  

Keep Your Car in Tip-Top Shape

Bring your car in for regular tune-ups.  You may have a problem with your car that you don't even know about and it could be affecting your MPG.  Also, keep your tires inflated.  Under-inflated tires can lower your gas mileage.  

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