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Eating Locally at Restaurants

I'm going to Cambridge Brewing Company in Cambridge, Massachusetts for dinner tonight and I'm pretty excited.  Aside from their tasty beer, they serve food featuring local ingredients.  Their menu changes seasonally.  Looking at their menu right now, I'm thinking about linguini with Wellfleet clams or the local steak served with an onion marmalade made at a nearby farm.

As the knowledge spreads about the importance of eating locally, more and more restaurants are making efforts to serve local food.  Even as part of Boston's restaurant week, you can search by restaurants serving local food.  

Luckily,, (already my one stop shop for finding farmers markets, CSAs, and more) has a function where you can search for restaurants by zip code that serve food made from local ingredients.There are more restaurants serving local food than what shows up in the database, but restaurants can add their own listings.  Even so, there were more restaurants than I expected!  It's nice to know that there are more choices available, and in the relatively near future, I believe there will be even more.  

Meanwhile, I'll be stuffing my face full of delicious local food at Cambridge Brewing Company tonight.  


My favorite restaurant serves

My favorite restaurant serves carafes of wine like you'd find in Europe, has fabulous ambiance, has figured out year-round outdoor dining even here, is right down the street from my house (as in you can see my garage from their patio), serves only local, microbrewed beer, and uses all locally grown ingredients. Pure bliss.

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