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Green is the New Black

We may still be struggling to find a way to power the planet without burning everything in sight, but at least there are a few green companies out there that are succeeding. What’s most annoying about the pollution and exploitation involved in the global fashion trade, apart from the obvious, is that it is all completely avoidable. OK, so a few fat cats may earn a couple of million less at the end of the year, but surely it’d be worth it, even for them? A handful of modern fashion designers believe it is, and they’re shaking things up by creating beautiful products, from recycled and re-purposed materials. Not only are their products ethical, but so too are their manufacturing processes. The cynical amongst you will be thinking, as did I, that this is just another gimmick, a passing trend; “Yeh man, let’s make eco-friendly products. We’ll make a fortune!” And maybe it is, but so what? I don’t really care if these companies are in it just to make money. I only care that they are changing people’s perception of the fashion industry. Removing us away from the throw-away society we’ve been championing for the last five decades. These are the designers and companies that are going to take the world of fashion to the where it should be - ethical, sustainable, and fashionable - and, yes, profitable. Let’s take a look at a few of the leading lights.

People Tree – Everyday, Fairtrade Fashion

These guys were one of the first companies to make the step into fair-trade fashion. They only use fair trade materials and natural dyes, and always source locally. Part of their desire to trade fairly means that they work with some twenty developing countries across the globe. Because of their authentic credentials they’ve been able to team up with uber-cool designers and companies, such as Bora Aksu and many others. If you’re looking for the real deal, you’ve found it.

Their complete range of everyday-casual fashion can be purchased directly from their website. Prices range from £20 - £250

Study NY – Edgy Prints and Quirky Design

Study NY, headed by Tara St James, are living proof that “green” can still mean “cool”. Although they only use organic fabrics, which must be hand-dyed and/or recycled, St James produces beautiful items without compromise on style. Adding further to the company’s “cool factor”, everything is made locally in New York. St James is a leading figure in the world of eco-fashion and contributes to a number of mentoring initiatives, which aim to develop eco-conscious designers.

Study NY’s range of “city-friendly” fashion can be found at most eco-fashion stores, or you can buy directly from their website. Prices range from £30 - £300


M. Patmos – Luxury Green Fashion

There aren’t so many designers tackling the high-end of luxury green fashion, but M.Patmos is showing us exactly how it should be done. By using eco-friendly materials such as vegetable tanned leather, and faux fur made from organic wool and palace, the company is creating beautiful clothes that are fit for even the most discerning of fashionistas.

The full range, including many sale items, is available directly from their website. Prices range from £100 - £1500









Bamboo Clothing – 100% Biodegradable Sportswear

The perfect brand for green-minded sports enthusiasts, Bamboo clothing is made from nothing but (you guessed it) 100% biodegradable bamboo. Interestingly, bamboo grows faster than any other plant in he world and, because it’s a grass, it is cut, not uprooted. It’s also grown without the use of any pesticides or fertilisers, and requires considerably less water and space than cotton. When you consider the environmental advantages bamboo has over other materials, especially cotton, it’s surprising to think we haven’t used it more.  

Bamboo clothing’s impressive range of men’s and women’s sportswear, including base layers, underwear, tracksuits, sweaters and everyday items are available directly from their website. Prices range between £10 - £45, and are on par with their “non eco-minded” contemporaries.




L’Herbe Rouge – Green Work Wear

L’Herbe Rouge is a great example of well-designed contemporary fashion with a green twist. Their ethically-sourced materials and commitment to eco-friendly production techniques makes this one of the greenest fashion houses around. They simple but elegant ethos has made them popular with young professionals wanting something green to wear to work, as well as on the streets. Their affordable prices are merging green fashion with the mainstream fashion companies, which is a big step towards a sustainable future.

Available from all good online fashion stores, or you can buy directly from their website. Prices range from £30 - £200.


Author Bio
Ben Holbrook is passionate about sustainable manufacturing, and blogs regularly on all matters of “green” current affairs.