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Eco-Friendly Goody Bags

eco-friendly goody bagIf it's your kid's birthday party and you don't want to fill up a plastic bag with little plastic toys and Tootsie Rolls, there are fun, practical, and eco-friendly alternatives to typical party favors.  Unfortunately, a lot of items marketed as a green party favor are prohibitively expensive.  Who can afford to spend $7 on a wooden toy car for each kid?  Before you know it, you'll be spending over $100 on party favors!  My ideas are much cheaper.  Plus, the kids will love them and they're not too expensive, either!  

1.  A craft.  It's a party activity AND something fun to take home.  For my son's party, we bought plain tote bags and fabric markers.   Kids can reuse the bag over and over again, so it's useful, too!  Another fun idea is decorating pillow cases...especially if it's a slumber party!  

2.  A book.  Little Golden Books are a perfect party favor!  They're inexpensive, but they have classic titles that we grew up reading, like The Poky Little Puppy, to more modern tales starring favorite characters, like Thomas the Tank Engine.  

3.  Homemade snacks.  Cookies, granola bars, or trail mix are easy to make and always a big hit with kids.  

4.  Seeds for planting.  You can even include a little cup with soil.  Depending on the season, bulbs are also fun.  

5.  Colored pencils.  I love the TreeSmart colored pencils made out of recycled paper.  These mini colored pencil packs cost just $2.50 each if you buy a 3-pack, making it an affordable party favor.  

6.  CDs.  Have your child put together a mix CD of all of their favorite tunes.   

7.  A cookie cutter and favorite cookie recipe.  Pick out your child's favorite recipe and stock up on cookie cutters from a kitchen supply store or even a dollar store!  

8.  Hair accessories.  This is primarily for girls, but most girls would love some extra barrettes or ponytail holders! 

9.  Bath stuff.  From a bar of fun soap to a little container of yummy smelling bubble bath, bath stuff won't go to waste or get thrown in the garbage!

What are some of your eco-friendly party favor ideas?