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Eco-Friendly Office Tips

Offices can be nice, heart-warming places or they can be the epitome of corporate neutrality, however one thing is certain – the need for eco-friendly solutions is there in all cases. The following tips are aimed to giving you the best possible solutions with the simplest things in mind to make you follow the green path. Let's begin with the first one on the list: 

You should turn off any printers, computers, copiers and equipment you're not using at the moment to minimize your power drain. They should always be turned off at the end of each day so you can save as much electricity as possible. You should also make sure that all your machines, computers and so forth are set to their energy efficiency settings. If you're leaving a room, shut the lights off. You should use fluorescent light bulbs instead of the older incandescent type. Also, make sure you use as much as you can from the natural sunlight around you. 

  • Recycling

Recycling covers a whole lot more than taking care of old paper and plastic bottles, but it expands well beyond that. For example, consider whether you really need all the disposable utensils, cups and so forth around your break area. Is it possible to use the other side of your sheets of papers to keep notes? There are little things like that which change the entirety of how you handle your everyday efforts, making it possible to do better at keeping your office green and clean. 

  • Non-toxic products

With the rise of the green, eco-friendly lifestyle many companies have shifted their focus to creating better alternatives to traditional cleaning products. There are many biodegradable and safe cleaning supplies out there on the market, which are a much better choice than the usual ones. 

  • Telecommuting

You should encourage your employees to work from home if they drive a long way to work. This will not only cut down on the pollution created by their vehicles, but it will also give them a bit more freedom. 

  • Transportation options

If your employees have to travel to the office on a regular basis, you should encourage them either carpooling, biking or walking. It all depends on the distance traveled and their own desire to do so of course, but it is a nice start to more responsible travel methods. 

  • Less Paper

If you want to stick to it, you should ensure your office uses up a whole lot less paper than most other places. Though that may not always be possible, you should avoid printing out things unless you absolutely have to. Use recycled paper products around the office and ensure you are promoting similar practices to your employees. 

  • Casual Dress Code

Avoiding stuffy suits and sticking to more comfortable clothes will help you not only keep your electricity down, but it will also make your employees happier. There is really no need for suits if you can cool things off with less efforts.



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