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Eco-Friendly Tips for Sports Athletes

Doing the sport you love brings a different kind of fulfillment. It’s a great way to get fit and unwind while developing new skills. However, it is important to note that just like in anything else that you do, you should alway be mindful of how you are affecting the environment when you are engrossed to the game. Don’t be a bad sport to mother earth. Here are some simple ways you can be eco-friendly while enjoying a round of your favorite outdoor or indoor game. 

Avoid plastic bottles

One of the basic items to bring when doing any physically exhilarating sport is a bottle of water. It’s good to know that this can be quickly grabbed from your friendly neighbor 7-Eleven but these bottles are also just as quick in devastating the environment.You may not realize it but a weeklong of basketball can accumulate enough plastic bottles to carelessly create another problem for society. Ditch the plastic bottles and opt for reusable ones instead. You’ll find that reusable bottles are more efficient because of its capacity. Also, whenever you can, opt for water instead of electrolyte replacements which are packaged in plastic containers. 


Bike, walk, or go on a carpool

Don’t wait to be in an actual court to sweat it out. Start getting active the moment you step out of your house by taking a walk or riding a bike to the ice skating rink or whatever destination you have. Walking and biking are both excellent for your heart. If you are going for a group game date at a non-walking distant venue, agree on a carpool with others who live close to you. This way, you lessen your carbon footprint while actually saving money on gas. 


Recycle old uniforms

Many may not know this, but in the 2012 London Olympics, the a lot of athletes, including LeBron James and the Dream Team, were actually wearing uniforms made of recycled plastics and shoes made of earth-friendlier plastics. Take this as an inspiration. You may not have the resources to come up with similarly crafted uniforms, but you always have an option to simply recycle old uniforms. You don’t need to have a new set sewn each time a season opens, If it’s still comfortable to wear, take advantage of it. And, if for some reason you decide to leave the team, you can pass your uniform to someone else and have the personalized details updated. 


Shop for equipment wisely

When shopping for gear and equipment, always see to it that you get the best quality. It’s okay to splurge if it means savings in the long run. Invest in good pieces like running shoes, golf clubs, and tennis rackets. This is so much better than purchasing low-quality items that will have you end up spending and disposing more. Aside from quality, also see to it that you only buy equipment that you really really like. Try customizing to fit your need. Get customized Lamkin Golf Grips for instance to make sure that you have something you can really enjoy and make use of. Be a wise shopper so no money nor product shall go to waste.