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            Eco-Terrorism, Green Terrorism and Environmental Terrorist are terms that are starting to be thrown around more. But does Eco-Terrorism really exist? If it does exist is it a real concern? Many people feel threatened by environmentalism and activism. Many think environmental activism is the same as terrorism. While there are some extremists, activism is not terrorism. Eco-Terrorism may just be a new media catch phrase to liven up the news.

            I’ve met people before who seem to not understand or have some sort of grudge against environmentalism and activism. I had a man tell me once that he thought environmentalism is “a new terrorist religion.” I had no idea I was part of a new religion or a terrorist group. That idea still doesn’t really make much sense to me.

            Tom Gabel (Against Me! front man) wrote a song called Anna is a Stool Pigeon, it was on his solo album that came out a couple years ago. It’s about activist Eric McDavid who had a strong history of activism. A FBI informant infiltrated his group of friends and fellow activists who became labeled Eco-Terrorists. He was convicted and sentenced to nearly 20 years for conspiring to sabotage a large dam. Many feel as though this was entrapment. The FBI informant encouraged and helped Eric and his friends work towards their plans of sabotage. If it wasn’t for this informant, this group of people may not have tried to take their actions as far as they did.

            The website, highlights many green prisoners and false connections to Eco-Terrorism, including the recent Discovery Channel hostage taker. The media is calling him a “radical environmentalist.” In reality he was a man with mental illness that had issues with a company, The Discovery Channel. He wasn’t doing this in the name of the environment or for the rights of animals, he was just insane.

            Are these new catchy terms being used to stop activism? Environmental activism is growing as more people become aware of environmental concerns and issues. Activism is not a new idea. As long as activists has been around there have been people threatened and wanting to stop activists from spreading their words and ideas. This idea of Eco-Terrorism could be a new tool to punish and deter activists from speaking out.

            Eco-Terrorist, Green Terrorism and all the other negative terms seem to be new media catch phrases. Many activists are being wrongly labeled and prosecuted as terrorists. These negative phrases may be being used to squash out and stop possible activists from speaking their mind. I feel as though the so called terrorists are not a threat to me. Do others feel this threat does exist?