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Endangered Species Wednesday: Manatees

Last week's Endangered Species Wednesday were our striped friends, the tigers, who desperately need our help.  This week we've got those gentle giants of the sea:  manatees.

Did you know?

Manatees were sometimes mistaken for mermaids by sailors.   Christopher Columbus also mistook manatees for mermaids and describes them "not half as beautiful as they are painted."   A far cry away from The Little Mermaid, huh?

How many manatees are left?

There are approximately 3200 manatees remaining in the southeastern US.  However, in warmer weather you can find them as far north as Massachusetts and as far west as Texas!

In Captivity: 

You can see manatees in some zoos and aquariums.  Check out this list to find a place where you can visit a manatee.  

Why are manatees endangered?

Many reasons.  Manatees are slow moving creatures and unfortunately, many are struck by ships.  Manatees are still poached and they were hunted until the late 1800s.   Lastly, red tide sometimes kills off manatees.  

How can I help?

Visit   You can adopt manatees, buy manatee merchandise, donate, or volunteer.