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Energy Companies Lobby For Access To Stimulus

On May 19, 2009 a group of seven clean technology energy associations wrote a letter to President Obama and members of his administration.  These groups, representing thousands of energy companies across the United States, requested that they be given access to current loan programs under the Stimulus program.  Specifically, the groups asked about the new Section 1705 loan guarantee program for renewable energy projects authorized by ARRA, and the existing Section 1703 loan guarantee program established in 2005 for innovative clean energy technology projects.

These groups highlighted that they were not asking for additional fundings.  "We are not seeking additional budgetary funding for these loan guarantee programs. We ask only that funds already authorized be made available expeditiously and under reasonable terms and conditions so as to facilitate the financing of worthy projects, in full compliance with appropriate government oversight, transparency and accountability," wrote the group.  An attachment to the letter proposed a number of solutions to the current problem.  A pdf copy of the letter may be found here.  Review it and tell me what you think the Obama administration should do.