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Energy Efficient Mortgages: Why We Need It

Admittedly, home financing previously has been one of my fears in life. To live in a home with the pressures of paying month after month is just a dreadful idea for me. But I am very lucky to have worked in a company where I am learning to be financially literate about my home expenses. It's funny, but as I realized that mortgage loans considered to be a very important factor for any homeowner to pursue a home, I have never been more aware of Energy Efficient Mortgages than I do now. With my long-time interest in living a sustainable life, after learning more about EEMs I never hesitated to bring about the idea of sharing it with my fellow homeowners who opt for a green home. 

With all the tips and tricks from every site that we see online, they always give out some pointers on how to make your homes greener, whether you are building a new house, or simply making a few changes to make your home energy efficient to have more savings. With that in mind, after knowing everything, what steps to do, contractors and companies to approach, and probably in which locations to I have buy energy efficient home upgrades, the most important part is always comes down to one thing: money. And what better way than to let you in on one of the hottest financing options to date, the EEM.

If there is one great thing that I have to say about Energy Efficient Mortgages (or simply green mortgages), it's the fact that once you secure this you get to borrow a higher amount of money for you to cover all the needed upgrades to make your home energy efficient. You won't get the same rate when getting a conventional mortgage loan, so this is a more specific way to pay for energy efficient features for your existing home, a house that you plan to purchase, or in getting credit for some existing features that your new home already has. 

If you look through the big picture, I made the decision of securing an energy efficient mortgage myself, and I basically spent quite an amount on separate home upgrades, such as having a solar heating system, solar roof panels, wind turbines or waste segregation systems around the house. It might sound like it's a lot, but overall, it was worth it. Not only did I improve my way of living as an individual who is living a sustainable life, I was also saving up as much as 20% on my bills per month. As I see myself a few years later, I am sure to save a lot only by investing for my home. 

So as a piece of advice to everyone who wanted to make a change in this world? Start with your home. Don't be afraid to ask. Try and research online by looking at general guides to energy efficient mortgages. Join in green community groups and explore the possibilities of saving a lot just by making some efforts for your home, which not only you but also your family can benefit for years to come.


Author Bio: Hollie Downes is currently a senior writer on, one of the biggest online mortgage loan guides that offer home financing news and online user friendly tools since 1995. She particularly handles renovation and energy efficient topics since living green is her main advocacy in life. Her hobbies include travelling, watching movies and cooking sustainable food.