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Energy Monitoring Included in New USB Software

CygNET Systems has come up with a simple solution to wasted energy for any system administrator, small business owner, or information technology officer.  The solution is to automatically alert them when computers have remained on but dormant for a certain amount of time.  This energy management and detection feature is part of their USB CopyNotify! data protection software.

USB CopyNotify!

USB CopyNotify! is a software that notifies a user when a USB drive, memory stick, pen drive, etc. is used on any computer on the office network. This automatic notification software is built to inform any user of the unauthorized distribution of proprietary information, a major problem at many intellectual property focused industries.  At the same time, USB CopyNotify! can block devices from access to the network, control white list from a single administrator computer, and prevent individual system configurations.  Following a successful release in September 2007, the company expanded the software to include energy management.  

Currently, the first step in the USB CopyNotify! green data strategy is being implemented.  This first stage deals primarily with monitoring computer usage and informing network administrators of wasted energy.  USB CopyNotify! has added alert functionality for when any computer in an office has been ON but not in use, indicating possible wastage of power/energy.  USB CopyNotify! believes, "This alert hence helps you conserve energy in office by reminding you that there are idle computers which need to be switched off or set to energy saving mode..."  In furtherance of this first phase, CygNET Systems is expected to include printer notifications for wasted energy in the next version of USB CopyNotify!.

USB CopyNotify!

We hope this first stage is successful for CygNET Systems and can't wait to see the second stage of this software development.  We hope in new stages system administrators or office administrators can set actual times before computers are fully turned off.  This would be a great new feature and we hope CygNET Systems takes this suggestion seriously.