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Europeans Seek Standard on EV

After Mark's great post on EV charging and batteries, I went searching.  I found out that many of the problems with refilling for different models are begining to be tackled by the European Union.

For example, the issue of standardized pumps comes to mind.  Everyone would want to fill up their new EV car at any charging station, but if standards for the pump/plug inserts is not created then you might not be able to do so.  Imagine the problem if Chevy Volt takes one nozzle and the new Toyota EV takes another.   In Europe, the plug used in both the "e-mobility" project by RWE and Smart (pictured) and the Mini D project by Vattenfall al and BMW; that's the connector currently under consideration, according to AutoblogGreen.

The plug in Europe will support single phase 230-Volt connections--which corresponds to most European outlets--and three-phasing connections at up to 63 amps and 400 Volts for shorter charging times.

In the United States GM is taking the intiative and trying to spear head their own SAE J1772 connector as the standard.  Time will only tell if this troubled automaker is the US standard bearer for the EV cars of the future.