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Everything is Bigger in Texas, Even the Wind Farms

We all know that Texas goes big. Big buildings, big cars, big oil and big cattle are all synonymous with Texas. People need to add one more big in their description of Texas, big wind farms. This past July, Baryonyx Corporation, a renewable energy company, won three leases for State wind concessions. These leases, two offshore and one in the Panhandle, allow the corporation to go forth with plans to create the largest offshore wind farm in the US. A map of the sites are provided below.

Texas Wind Farms

Baryonyx is a specialized energy company with only one target consumer, those needing data centers. Baryonyx will use wind power, in addition to other renewable sources and storage technology, to run large data centers. This creates a very practical and closed off application of renewable energy, while filling a market niche.

Of course, this does not end the process for Baryonyx yet. Now the company will begin detailed environmental and engineering evaluation of options for the solar farm to submit to state agencies. Best of luck in their effort.