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Fascinating Fact Friday - Robin Williams, the Environment, and FernGully

Today's "Fun Fact Friday" has a bit of a sadness to it, so I've changed it to "Fascinating Fact Friday" - just for today.

As the world mourns the loss of Robin Williams, I began to think about the different roles he played over the years.  My favorite was Mrs. Doubtfire, but another movie I enjoyed as a kid was FernGully: The Last Rainforest.  


Robin Williams voiced Batty in the eco-themed kids' flick.  FernGully was about animals who lived in a rainforest who have to fight to save their it because it's being  threatened by a logging and a polluting company.   It's a movie that I haven't seen since childhood and I almost forgot about it until skimming through the Robin Williams filmography on IMDB this week.   You can rent it on Amazon Prime if you want something to watch this weekend!

That's not the only time Robin Williams voiced a character in a "green"-themed childrens' movie. He also voiced Ramon and Lovelace in both Happy Feet and Happy Feet 2.  

For a more adult-themed Robin Williams, he did a bit on global warming in 2002.  [NSFW - put on your headphones!]

Robin, we will miss your humor, dramatic roles, and your big-hearted commitments to the causes you felt strongly about.  May you rest in peace!