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Fertigation: The Future of Irrigation

A new wave of technology is taking the world of water conservation by storm.  That technology is fertigation.  Fertigation is the application of fertilizers, soil amedements and other water solubles directly through existing irrigation system.  This is done through a tank being connected to the irrigation full of this different solutions and being released by micro doses in the soul.  The dosage is usually one tenth of a teaspoon for every gallon of water.

Fertigation at Work

This technology provides a myriad of benefits over traditional techniques.  Including;

  • Increased nutrient absorption by plants
  • Reduction in fertilizer and chemicals needed
  • Reduced leaching to the water table and,
  • Reduction in water usage due to the plant's resulting increased root mass being able to trap and hold water
  • Application of nutrients at the precise time they are needed and at the rate they are utilized


How fertigation works

For years the agricultural industry utilized these techniques to increase crop bloom.  Currently, research and implementation of fertigation is being done in almond and mango orchards.  Also, the technology was used extensively at sporting complexes, such as golf courses and stadiums.

Recently, a wave of landscapers and irrigation specialist have brought this technology to residential clients.  The need to save water while retaining investment from past improvements to the property is driving the need for such systems.  It is also hoped that this new irrigation technique in conjunction with organic bio supplements may help lessen run off of toxic chemicals from synthetic fertilizers.  Fertigation, along with new water conservation technologies, may hold the key for a green revolution in your own backyard.



So is this something I could do myself or should I call my local landscaper?

Great question!

The process for installation of a fertigation tank is not complicated if (and this is a big if) you are familar with irrigation systems. If you understand what a backflow, coupling and other components of irrigation are you should be fine. But, I would advise still a word of caution. The reason is that if the system is not purged correctly before the next filling, then air bubbles may develop. These air bubbles can cause cracks in the pvc piping of the irrigation system. It is not complicated to purge a system, but professionals can remove the worry. Check your local area for contractors who do this type of work. If you are in the CA bay area you can check out CK Management Systems who provide installation and maintenance services.

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