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Five "Green" Bands and Musicians

Last week I wrote a post called Five "Green" Songs.  In this post, I want to highlight five musicians and bands who strive to make a difference in the environment.  

This list could go on forever, as these days it seems like many musicians are making efforts to go green.  However, I'm going to narrow it down to a few whose actions are particularly enthusiastic and impressive.   From monetary donations to staging benefits and riding biodiesel buses, these bands and musicians are an inspiration to all.  

It's exciting to see people with such influence, popularity, and money making such a huge difference to help save the planet!


 Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson co-founded a nonprofit called the Kokua Hawaii Foundation, which supports environmental education in the schools and communities in Hawaii, where he's from.  He also uses biodiesel tour buses and sells green merchandise at his shows.  Jack Johnson is also a partner of 1% for the Planet.  

Jackson Browne


Jackson Browne has been an environmentalist for a long time.  In 1979, he co-founded Musicians United for Safe Energy, along with Bonnie Raitt, Graham Nash, and John Hall.  There was also a concert and film called No Nukes that spoke out against nuclear power.  Most recently, Jackson Browne was winner of Duke's 2010 Leaf Award.  

Pearl Jam

This year, Pearl Jam donated $210,000 to the Cascade Land Conservancy in order to offset carbon emissions. Back in 2006, they donated $100,000 to a bunch of organizations to help climate change, renewable energy, and other environmental causes. They've also donated money to help the rainforest, held benefit concerts, and used biodiesel buses.  

Green Day

Green Day has partnered with the Natural Resources Defense Council on their Move America Beyond Oil campaign. They've actually teamed up with NRDC a bunch of times.  They even have a website called   Check it out!  


Neil Young

Neil Young helped begin the Farm Aid concerts back in 1985.   Farm Aid was started to help family farmers in the U.S.  (Farm Aid just had its 25th anniversary concert this month featuring Neil Young, Jeff Tweedy, Amos Lee, Willie Nelson, and more!)  Currently, Young is working on a documentary about electric cars.  The subject of the documentary is a 1959 Lincoln Continental converted to a hybrid vehicle, and he's planning on driving it from CA to DC as an example to lawmakers.