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Friday Quick Hits- Your Green Desserts

Hey everyone and we made it!!  Another week finished and a weekend about to begin.  What a great time for our fun quick hits.  This week I thought a few links over desserts would be great because everyone deserves a treat after a long week.

Sweet Celebrations: This is a fun recipe from our friends at Kiwi, an online magazine devoted to growing families the natural and organic way, for a great dessert.  Rabanadas are a traditional Brazilian treat made of the leftovers from Christmas.  A sweet treat sure to please and the site has some great questions to turn it into a learning experienced for the kids.

Eco-Friendly Birthday Theme Cakes: This great site,, shows some great ideas for green themed cakes.  Some look delicious and some not so much, but I do love the one below.

Sustainable chocolate: Next must-have ingredient for snack companies: A fun news article written about the increase of sustainable chocolate by large candy companies.  A fun read but you need the real thing so...

Chocolate Bar: Here is a great company that makes organic, fair-trade chocolate bars called Equal Exchange.  The great thing about this company is that not only are you eating a sustainable chocolate, but you are also getting the good stuff.  For example, while most US candy bars have less than 10% coca in them these candy bars have anywhere between 39% to 80%!!!  Yummy!



I'm not sure if it's just cuz I'm 9 months pregnant or what - but YUM!  It can be so easy to fall into the trap of thinking if it is a desert it must be bad for you.  Of course, you can't live on Rabanadas and fair trade chocolate, it is important to make decisions which will be best for our bodies, community, and planet. 

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