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Frito-Lay Discontinues Most Compostable Sun Chips Bags

When I initially read this article about Frito-Lay pulling most of their compostable Sun Chips bags due to noise complaints, I thought it was a fake article.  It just seems so absurd.  These bags are biodegradable, and because they're too LOUD people want them gone?!  And Sun Chips sales are hurting??

With all that we know about the environment, I don't understand how this can even be such a big deal.  It really goes to show you what people really care about.   There are all sorts of Facebook groups that are against the new Sun Chips bag, such as the eloquent:  "I don't care if the new Sun Chips bags are compostable THEY'RE ANNOYING!"

I haven't had Sun Chips since they changed the bags over, so I did a quick YouTube search and found this clip.  Is it really THAT bad?  Click here to see the video.  (They disabled embedding)

The anchorpeople and their reactions made my blood boil.  It made me think about how so many people don't want to make small sacrifices (like a benign annoyance such as this) to help the environment overall.  It's very sad.

Meanwhile, join Bring the Noise! Keep the Sun Chips Compostable Bags on Facebook and sign's petition.   Maybe it seems silly and a very small battle to fight, but I think this issue is actually reflective of how people feel about making small life changes to save the environment.