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Fun Fact Friday - Glass Recycling

glass bottle recyclingHappy Friday, everybody!  Today's Fun Fact Friday is going to be discussing glass recycling.  

Whenever you have the option to buy glass vs. plastic, glass is always the more eco-friendly option.  While plastic is technically recyclable, it's actually "downcycled," meaning it's turned into lower quality plastic.  On the other hand, glass is 100% recyclable.  It can be recycled endlessly without it declining in quality, which no other food or beverage containers can do.  

Even though glass food and drink containers are 100% recyclable, they cannot be recycled with other types of glass.  Glass like windows, ovenware, and Pyrex are manufactured using a different process and if they're mixed in with glass container recycling, it can mess up the process.  If you have other types of glass that you need to dispose of, find your recycling center and find out if they have a program to recycle items like that.  

** Photo credit:  Anita Berghoef.