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Go Green and Reuse Your Gift Boxes

People are going green with all aspects of their lives. Work, home and even play time have people more aware of their environment and what they can do to help preserve it. There are a variety of ways you can go green in all you do including your gift giving. You can use many different ways to recycle your gift wrapping options and stay green in all areas of your life. There are several ways you can be eco-friendly with your shopping and here are a few to keep in mind.

First, consider reusing gift bags that have been given to you. Many people use bags as a way to package gifts because they are beautiful and can easily fit any shape packaged. There are a wide variety of designs, themes and colors of bags. You can choose them to even fit a child's birthday party theme. The options are endless. If a bag is given to you and is not damaged in any way, then it is a great idea to use it for your next gift giving item. You can use them for holidays, anniversaries and birthdays alike. They are a wonderful way to go green and accommodate your package no matter how odd the shape may be.


Another great idea is to use brown paper bags you have at home for wrapping paper. You can use them to beautifully wrap a gift item and put your own twist on it. You can have your children decorate the bag before using it as wrapping paper. You can use twine as ribbon or make a lovely bow for it as well. There are endless options for using this as paper. This can also be done with newspapers. It is especially neat to do this for a baby gift when you choose the paper date of the birth of the child. It's a great keepsake. You can do this with a variety of items you have around the house. White paper also makes a great gift wrapping option. You can decorate it with all sorts of items and wrap your gift in that.

One other option you can consider is using gift boxes that have been given to you. Reuse these just as you would the gift bags. They make great items for fitting a variety of gifts in and are beautiful. You can pick designs on these just as you do with the bags. They can also make great items to keep pens or other items in as a decorative keepsake box. Some choose to use the boxes again and again for items to decorate around their home. Using these items as gift packaging is a wonderful idea. You can find them at a variety of places in stores and online including They offer a wide selection of gift items to help you wrap or give any gift.

These are all wonderful ways to stay green while you are giving gifts to friends and family. Take a look around your home for items that could be used to hold your gifts. You might be surprised at what you find right inside your own door. Boxes, bags and wrapping paper can all be used responsibly as well. Think outside the box and discover a world of possibilities for not only helping the world around you but also giving a beautiful package. Be creative and discover a talent you may have for wrapping frugally and eco-friendly. The options are endless out there and you can find great ideas if you take the time to look. Give yourself time and do your research for other green ideas on gift packaging. You may be surprised what you can find.

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This blog post was written by Tina Davis.