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Going Green To Save Green

Going Green To Save Green 

What is Green?

Most people associate going green with spending more money in order to help the environment. Whether it be expensive solar panels or food that has been grown in a more organic and healthy manner the pocket book invariably takes a hit. But it doesn’t always have to be like that. There is one thing that you can do that is not only green, it’s healthier and it saves you money….continually.

Green Thing

That “thing” is a Hand Bidet Sprayer. With these you almost don’t need toilet paper anymore although you can keep it around for guests especially in a guest bath. In you own personal bathroom you can use a small towel if you like to dry off with. Oh yes I’ve heard it all; “you mean you spray yourself with water, doesn’t it go all over the place?!” NO, not unless you want it to.  And one of my favorites; “what do you do walk around with wet underwear?”  SURE, if you want to, just like you can walk around with a wet shirt after a shower. OR you can dry off with a towel or a much smaller amount of toilet paper than you would use if you were using toilet paper alone. Don’t believe me? Try it, you’ll see.

Save Green

Going Green and Saving Green has never been easier. You can help the environment, help your pocket book and feel fresher and cleaner all at the same time, wonderful.