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Going to School the Eco-Friendly Way

Would you be shocked to hear that the greenest ways of getting your kids to school are also the safest ways? Chances are that many parents either use public transport or use a car to transport their kids to and from school.  Getting your children to school safely on time everyday should be your first priority, but if you reply on transport which accounts for the second-biggest release of greenhouses gases you might be causing necessary damage to the environment.

The simple fact is that walking, biking, skateboarding or scooting to school every day will help you’re your child’s development. Obesity around the world is on the rise and if your children’s health can benefit from being more eco-friendly then why isn’t every parent that can do it not doing it?

One of the biggest influencers in the school transport system is the time management. Most parents do not have the time to create a healthy lunch for your child and have the time to walk to school before they start work.  Parents should consider walking at least once a week if the feel that their job and lifestyle is applies unnecessary stress to do it every day.



If you’re unable to walk your kids to school consider asking local parents if they want to undertake a carpooling system. This will reduce the amount of cars on the road and the money each parent spends on fuel, reducing carbon emissions.  If you’re in walking distance from school considers asking other parents to walk your kids one day and you will walk them the next. This is great way to meet new friends and get the exercise your kids need on a day to day basis.

Let them go

If you feel that your kids are at the age where they are able to handle the responsibility of walking to school themselves then you shouldn’t worry. Statistically, students are much less likely to be injured or killed walking or biking than commuting to school via automobiles. If you are worried about road safety then the key is to teach your children about being alert and about personal safety.

A healthy kid is a happy kid.

If you are walking to school every day it is vital you provide your children with a lunch/breakfast they need to keep them on the go all day every day.  Children are notorious for eating food on their terms, when they want and what they want they usually get. Well a well-balanced breakfast will ensure your children are able to run or walk to school without falling asleep in class as soon as the alarm rings for first class.

What to give them for lunch.

You don’t always have to purchase high street expensive foods to give your child the energy and nutrients they need.  Nature’s super foods and fruits can provide your children with high energy foods without the calories. Yogurts, bananas, nuts and apples are great foods that packed full of antioxidants and vitamins.  Include one piece of fruit in each of your kids meals a day, kids get bored easily so try and change the fruit they get in their lunch boxes every day when possible.

The great thing about purchasing super foods is that they are cheaper, they have a lesser impact on the environment than most high street food goods and they provide your child with the good stuff they need to develop and grow physically and mentally.

If the school does not already have an eco-friendly transport network in place then you may want to consider bringing it up.  If you’re serious about finding eco-friendly ways to transport your children to school quickly then talk to your children and other mums to see what options you have available.   


This post was created by Karl Young a fitness and nutrition enthusiast on behalf of Powerhouse Fitness a leading online supplier of fitness equipment and sports nutrition.