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Green Celebs: Cameron Diaz

Thirty-seven year-old Cameron Diaz is the epitome of the green movement, at least according to new Vogue magazine article. While you may not see her face on ad campaigns across the country promoting recycling or reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, this "it" girl leads through example.  Cam drives a Prius, buys carbon off-sets, and is an avid promoter of recycling.  And unlike many celebs, Cameron reports that she takes into account how her purchases impact the environment (no fur coats for Cameron!).

Cameron has been quoted on ABC news as saying that it is important to look into environmental alternatives to daily living because of the long-term impact, not because it is currently the "cool" thing to do.  However, she knows her star power can help push the important issues, and is not afraid to assist friends like Al Gore and Gwyneth Paltrow in their missions on spreading the green word.