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Green Company Profile: Green Collar Economy

Why it's Keen & Green:

Green Collar Economy is probably the best green business resource on the web.  It contains a gigantic B2B green business directory, green case studies, green whitepapers, an "Ask the Green Experts" section, and more.

Green Collar Economy is Boston-based, and founder Kevin Gulley started the company with the thought that the desire for profitable sustainability will be a huge factor in the economy.   Besides the obvious benefit to the environment, a company going green opens up avenues for new products, new markets, more profits, new products, and opportunities to build better relationships with customers.  Green Collar Economy can help a company make this transition.  

My favorite part about Green Collar Economy are the podcasts.   Most recently a podcast was posted about Avon going green.  I had no idea that Avon was doing so much to go green, and it's interesting to hear all about it!